Sunday, June 2, 2013

What APC Must do: By Bashir Ahmad

1. The APC must translate its manifesto as many languages as possible.

2. The manifesto must be distributed across the entire country, not just within the zones that are APC strongholds, namely the North and Southwest.

3. The APC must immediately begin a registration process across the entire country.

4. The manifesto must ensure transparency in membership subscription in the political process of Nigeria.

5. The APC should reach out to the public to register as recorded members of the party.

6. It must ensure this registration is electronically recorded and publicized to encourage more Nigerians to join the cause.

7. It must generate revenue by charging a small fee for membership forms and demanding a donation from all its members. This way members will feel a part of the process and automatically expect nothing but transparency and inclusiveness in deciding the direction of the party.

8. The APC must ensure the process of internal democracy prevails, specifically enabling party members to vote and not just the leaders of the party or its delegates.

9. The APC must promise to do away with the habit of imposing candidates against the will of its party members and the Nigerian people.

10. It must respect the electoral process of the party and candidates must accept losses, by promising to unite behind the victorious candidate against the opposition.

11. It must encourage its prospective candidates to campaign on ideas and not violence or money politics.

12. The APC should continue to raise money by engaging its members in the development of the party.

13. The APC must create a culture where party members consistently donate to its treasury, no matter how small the sum is.

14. The APC should organize events and initiative to celebrate and appreciate the support of its dedicated members.

15. The party must work to involve the over 70% of Nigerians under the age of 40. And a first step is to appoint a National Youth Leader that was not alive during the Nigerian civil war, and have a strong social media presence.

From: @BashirAhmaad ( +234(0)8032493020